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Life is full of new journeys and discoveries. Regrettably, this is not one of them.

Luckily this server runs the Klunky email services.  This server hosts several domains for several people, and you should conclude the the views of this web site are disconnected from any of the Email users.

Let's time travel with klunky.co.uk

...Previously it was a creative photography site.
...Previoulsy we thought it would make a good rock store site,
...and previoulsy it was techno deejay website.


If you want a UNIX/Linux system engineer then please click on the Contacts tab now, because I fancy jobs in Brussels Belgium or remote working!

Email storage policy

Klunky Email owns any communication received by any transmission protocol that is stored on the Klunky computer equipment. E.g a server, a network switch. Management and other authorized staff have the right to access any material in your email or on the computer equipment at any time.

Your email might be forwarded to a third party. Please do not consider your electronic communication to be private or priviledged, if it was sent to an address hosted by Klunky Email.

If you disagree with this policy then refrain from sending Email to an address hosted here.

Email accounts on klunky.co.uk .org are unavailable for the general public. So save yourself the trouble!   They belong to us. Thanks!

Cordially, Klunky émail